Vivian Nieto

Vivian Nieto

Vivian Nieto is one of the founders of Amigas Punto Com and President of the organization since 2005.  She is a facilitator of the weekly workshops for women and parents.  The topics she specializes in are: Abuse Prevention, Emotional Healing, Setting Healthy Boundaries.

Since 1999, she works as a Certified Medical and Administrative Hearing Interpreter within the State of California.  In 2009, she acquired her Life Coach Certification from  Life Forming Leadership Coaching.   She has a Certificate in Bible Counseling from Koinonia College. 

Vivian is an International Conference Speaker.  Since 2012, she has been a facilitator during the weekly television program “Más que Palabras” in Televisa Californias.

Her passion is to help Latino women and their families emotionally and spiritually.  Taking her personal experience into account, her goal is to support every individual to make changes, restore their dignity and worth, while learning to live  free from abuse and establishing healthy boundaries.