Marcela Dongo

Marcela Dongo

Marcela Dongo has been a volunteer at Amigas Punto Com for fourteen years, currently serving as a Workshop Coordinator. Has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Has worked in the hospitality, travel and government transportation industry for many years. She is currently a Cruise and Travel Consultant for Expedia Cruiseshipcenters.  She is also tutoring elementary age children at an after-hours program and is an Area Coordinator for international exchange students under the Children Around the World Corporation Program.

Marcela recently completed a Medical Interpreter Bilingual Certification program and is very excited to start a new career in this field.

 In addition; Marcela is also a volunteer for the San Diego Street Choir which serves underprivileged people, some going through homelessness and other severe issues. The program provides meals, clothing, coaching as well as an art and music program.

Together with her husband she established several dental clinics and was directly involved in marketing,  logistics, payroll as well as special events coordinator.

Marcela enjoys spending time with her two sons whenever they are home from college. Enjoys playing and regularly participates in tennis tournaments.